Born in the heart of the hardline communist block, Groznyy, Soviet Russia. Marat grew up knowing the harsh reality of life at a very early age. He had to walk 17 miles to school, in the blistering cold, wearing only his brothers shoes and potato sack. He would often keep warm with a bottle of Vodka. Marat saved up for his first computer by selling proliferated nuclear materials on the black market. He realized very quickly that he could Photoshop happiness and joy into the hearts of his people, and one day become the hero of Mother Russia.

Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in December 1991, Marat, vowing to transform Russia’s socialist command economy into a free market economy, endorsed price liberalization and privatization programs. Due to corruption and other factors, a good deal of the national wealth fell into the hands of a relatively small group of people, and then Marat moved to America.

When not designing stuff Marat can be found speaking about himself in third person, playing guitar or practicing curling his moustache for the upcoming Hollywood moustache curling tournament.